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Founder, CEO

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The idea for Sprouted Ventures came to Morgan during UCLA business school. A big brand marketer by trade, self-proclaimed foodie and sustainability advocate at heart, Morgan linked up with Impossible Foods in 2015 and helped them to strategize and launch their plant-based burger into global food service markets. Following this experience, he became Marketing Director for a mid-sized natural foods company with 80+ SKUs, learning cutting-edge retail marketing strategies from industry veterans. His marketing efforts have helped to contribute over $400M in cumulative venture funding to start-ups in the plant-based food-tech space. Now, he wakes up each day energetically inspired to help our clients find product-market fit, accelerate sales and achieve the global impact they deserve.



Growth and Ops Lead

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Anthony is Sprouted Ventures’ full-time Growth & Operations Lead. A mechanical engineer, growth guru, and newly minted vegetarian, Anthony excels with identifying and developing fast and efficient route to market strategies for our food-tech clients, propelling their growth and impact using lean methodologies. Before Sprouted, Anthony started and scaled a chain of successful small-footprint restaurants, developing a profitable and scalable food service model. Prior to this, he helped to build and scale Shift Technologies, a game-changing $250M+ automotive tech company.



Food Service & Retail Sales Advisor

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Jaime is a proven global sales executive with extensive experience in food-tech and plant-based industries. She is currently Head of Sales for OpenCity, a restaurant-tech platform, and was previously North America’s Business Development Manager for Daiya Foods, as well as Director of National Accounts for OpenTable. She is a Senior Advisor for The Good Food Institute and resides in Boulder, CO.



Finance Advisor

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Ian is a creative project financing ninja, with debt, financial controlling and investment banking expertise spanning from Piper Jaffray, Raymond James and JP Morgan. He helps Sprouted Ventures’ clients assess optimal capital raising strategies, especially those seeking alternative routes to venture capital. Further, he lends his lens as a capital financier and NYU MBA expertise to help us build scalable, investible brands from our first strategic touch-point.

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VC Advisor

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Ed is an entrepreneur, investor and financial strategist who puts on his Venture Capital hat to help Sprouted Ventures’ clients become more scalable and investible. He is Partner of Santa Monica-based Tale Venture Partners and has extensive venture capital due diligence and equities analysis expertise.



M&A Advisor

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Michael is an experienced wealth management professional with expertise in investing due diligence, investor relations and assessing mergers & acquisitions. He is currently Senior Vice President at UBS and has held VP roles at Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley.


go to market strategy

Consider us your in-house CMO, Strategist and Business Development Lead. We combine big brand experience with a results-oriented approach to drive ROI-generating strategies in creative and unexpected ways. Then we help craft your story and manage execution of strategies that drive your sales and open your market opportunities.



growth hacking & fractional cmo

Price, Taste, Convenience and Nutrition… right?

Consumers have become sophisticated and picky… We’re experts at figuring out exactly what they want, developing unique selling propositions that resonate with them and getting your products onto their plates and into their shopping carts… through whatever means possible.



rapid growth management

Growing pains can hurt. Once the momentum wheel is turning, we help you prepare for future investment, enter new markets and staff up with the right team. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 brands and rapid growth start-ups alike, so we recognize the unique needs of keeping lockstep with managing your growing enterprise.