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We know you've been around for while. That's awesome! Let's work together to assess your current positioning to ensure you're aligned with capturing the largest market opportunity in this new food movement, and help guide any improvements that might help you grow even more.


Are you looking to bring more life and excitement to your legacy brand? Or perhaps, trying to align with a newer "Flexitarian" consumer, the main growth driver of the plant-based category? We are specialists in brand repositioning. Let us guide you to succeed in the next generation of plant-based foods. 

Key Deliverables

  • Brand Positioning Assessment & Recommendations


We know you want to make sure your brand has consistency in message and vision. Times change quickly, so use our daily market knowledge so you can be ahead of the curve and know what's coming next. Let's work together to either improve how your brand is currently perceived, and even guide a reposition effort if you decide that's what you need.

Strategic Document​s

  • Brand - Market Perception Map

  • Brand Perception Assessment & Recommendations


The "plant-based" movement is bringing with it a staggering amount of market opportunities. Let's sit down and figure out where the white space is for your brand, and how you can best maximize your involvement to leave an impact while capturing sales from this fast-growing space. 

Key Deliverable​s

  • Plant-Based White-Space Opportunity Analysis 

  • Executional Plan & Budget


Being on the front lines of change has helped us develop a framework for identifying the best-in-class emerging plant-based brands. In just about any plant-based meat or dairy product category, we will guide your thinking through sound analyses on possible acquisition targets, licensing deals and competitive understanding. 

Key Deliverable​s

  • Market Resource Breakdown

  • Innovation Strategy Assessment and Recommendations

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